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We have two areas - we are an engineering and production company. People come to us for solving technical problems: from development to implementation. And also we develop and mass-produce parts of CNC machines.
Our team is constantly growing, which is why we always have vacancies. We are hiring because we are expanding.
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Engineers create the future
Engineers create the future
Our values
Learn new
We learn something new every day. And we value this quality in employees, encouraging their aspirations in training
Sincerity of intent
We value integrity and honesty. We take people with only honest intentions as a team
We solve the problem of the client
We always value our product only as a solution to a client's problem. If we do not solve the client's problem, we don't sell anything to him
We maintain a reputation
We are fans of our craft and we make every effort to create each product. Customers value our products because we have high quality standards.
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Distributor Network Development Manager
  • High level of technical literacy;
  • Systems approach;
  • High level of self-discipline and the pursuit of order.
  • Search for potential distributors on our continent;
  • Conclude contracts and accompany deliveries;
  • Document management
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